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I Had a Cyber Blast at Mega Blast

I made two stops while traveling in Goshen, IN. One was a VR arcade that I’m going to cycle back around to in a future post because I need a bit more time to cover that one thoroughly. So please allow me to skip ahead to my visit to Mega Blast Laser Tag where it was indeed a Mega Blast to play some Cyber Blast in their 8500 square foot, single level arena.

I went in with a good size group that appeared to all be together. There were definitely a couple of guys in the group who were taken by surprise when I walked in! :) It was nice to play with a good sized group that included some experienced players because that made for a much better game. Then after the game was over I learned a bit more about the arena itself from the new owner, Curtis, who took over this business a little over six months ago.

He told me he has been focusing on revamping and expanding, which included an upgrade to the Cuber Blast gear. They had been operating with classic Blast previously.

The arena is attractive, although not very unusual (as I’ve come across this theme several times in other states).

However, it plays well and Curtis has plans to continue expanding it. An observation deck is one of the features he is enthused about and he was very pleased to showcase the work that has gone into the arena so far. At Mega Blast they also offer airsoft in this space and they are offering local law enforcement the opportunity to use the arena as well.

I look forward to visiting Goshen again and seeing what kind of continued expansion we might see at this business, but as it is I thought the arena was well put together and I had an enjoyable experience…or (as I love to say in pun)…a real blast!

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