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It’s an Invasion!

I headed north to San Marcos, ready to pay a visit to Invasion Laser Tag. It had been a few years since I had last played at this arena and owners Kevin and Bronwyn have made quite a few updates since my last visit. Probably the biggest change is the upgrade to Laserforce Gen 8 equipment, so I put on the familiar pack, logged in and entered to check things out and play my first game.

Lots of LEDs and lighting effects make a big impression all throughout. I was most impressed with the “radiation leakage” lighting at the center structure, as it was accompanied by brilliant light beams to enhance the excitement.

There are four bases in the arena. Two are under typical housing structures in the locations where you would expect to find them (opposite sides, close to the corner).

However, one feature I found particularly memorable was how they had two additional bases suspended from above over raised platforms.

What makes this unique is that in order to tag the base you must be directly underneath it, which means getting up the ramp and being left wide open on each of the platforms while tagging the base.

The arena has good cover and balance.

And there were several beacons to capture during the game.

Although I went into games with the public groups, there were several birthday parties in progress and I noticed that the birthday kids got a nice personalized spotlight on the monitors.

And the parents can clearly see what’s going on inside the arena via the full color camera view displayed in the lobby.

Everyone seemed to really be enjoying the experience, which is always great to see. I took home a nice souvenir for my tag swag collection.

And it was nice to have some time to visit and learn about everything they have added since my last visit. I can’t wait to return to Invasion Laser Tag next time I am in Southern California!

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