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Late Night at Fat Cats

Some nights time is just not on my side. When I’m traveling I try to visit as many laser tag arenas as possible, but when you are having fun time often gets away from you. Also, since locations all run their schedules a little differently you can only ballpark how long a visit might take. As a result, I arrived at Fat Cats in Ogden, UT a little later than I had planned. Fortunately, I had called and spoken to a manager a couple of weeks prior, so I had a name to reference when I arrived and staff members Alyssa and Jakell were kind enough to re-open their CyberBlast arena to accommodate me even though I showed up after they had closed that particular attraction for the night. For that special consideration Fat Cats already gets a thumbs up from me!

I waited in the briefing area while they prepared a game for me, admiring the theming of their zombie apocalypse from the outside first.

Then Jakell and I went into the arena for a 1v1. I began by scoping out (and tagging) the bases, but remembering that you can return to get a total of three base deactivations had me returning to this structure a few times.

The single level arena featured a good amount of bonus targets scattered throughout the apocalyptic city buildings.

The game experience was good, but again I really want to shout out the staff because if not for them I would have missed out on being able to share this arena with you. Better late night than never! I’m glad I got to experience Fat Cats and also big thanks to Vince who steered me in the right direction with some suggestions as I was planning this trip. Fat Cats customer service was great and what I will most remember.

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