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Somehow I Found the Beach Boardwalk in the Middle of Utah!

OK, this is not a real beach. In fact it is like an indoor boardwalk located right in the middle of an outdoor mall. But walking into Provo Beach in Provo, Utah was impressive right off the bat and somehow feels a little like walking into one of the Beach Club episodes of Saved by the Bell. At least like you are walking into a completely different time and space. There are so many attractions built into this unique FEC that I barely knew where to begin…but seriously, you know I’m headed for the laser tag first!

I headed up the stairs and down the hall, stopping to acquaint myself with how to score points. :)

Then I joined up with this formidable group of guys, all gunning for me after about the first 60 seconds.

We began with a video briefing that was incredibly well done. Theming is obviously what this place does best and they had the laser tag experience done up as a space adventure from the moment it began with an original briefing video…

…to a VERY well executed theme in the two level arena.

This was absolutely the best game of laser tag so far this trip! Those guys all played hard and gave me a serious game, so I hope them all up with Tiviachick wristbands. Before I left I got the vintage ice cream shop experience over at Ike’s on the lower level.

So you can see how well everything is themed at Provo Beach to give you a “real” beach boardwalk feel.

BTW, I also want to give a shout out to Malawi’s Pizza with a Purpose, a separate business located right next door where I enjoyed some delicious veggie pizza for lunch.

I had a great time at Provo Beach.

Who would ever expect to find a beach experience in the middle of Utah? Most of my journey looked less like a beach and more like this.

Seriously, how BEAUTIFUL a journey I had driving through Utah!

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