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Tag 4 A Cause is a Success at Loveland Laser Tag

Tag 4 A Cause night at Loveland Laser Tag was a huge success and I want to thank everyone who helped us raise funds through laser tag in support of the Doreen Katz Memorial Cancer Foundation!

This quarter’s laser tag 5K challenge has been going on since July and had a great running start with a mini-high score contest during Fake Nats 2.0 held in Syracuse, but the big event was this Tag 4 A Cause night that I had been planning with Loveland Laser Tag owner Jeff Willy for several months. I am heartened by the amount of support that resulted in us raising over $1500 for the cause and making this our largest Tag 4 A Cause to date.

I was joined by Adam Katz, director of the Doreen Katz Memorial Cancer Foundation, who had dyed his beard pink for the occasion. He traditionally does this for the month of October in honor of breast cancer awareness month, but brought out the pink beard a little early for this event.

This Tag 4 A Cause challenge will continue to raise funds through the month of September for the Doreen Katz Memorial Cancer foundation, which is a cause I really believe in. Adam explains that they “help the children of cancer patients by covering fees charged directly to families by schools, K-12, and also provide support for therapy for the kids so they have a voice outside the home.” This support is so important and he told me the foundation took on four more families in Colorado in advance of this event.

We set up a table space in the front lobby to welcome laser tag players and offer them the chance to donate to the cause, participate in the laser tag 5K challenge and earn their achievement medal.

And we were even joined by a couple of families who have received support from the Doreen Katz Memorial Cancer Foundation as well.

We all had a great time laser tagging in the huge, three level Loveland arena.

I completed my own personal laser tag 5K here as well.

On average it takes approximately 10 games to tag 5 kilometers, but I pushed hard to complete mine even faster, using the long ramps in the arena to my advantage. Their Egyptian themed arena is a great place to move around a lot and has plenty of targets and beacons hidden throughout, including one right under the iconic pharaoh’s head.

I only played a couple of games each hour because I had to pay attention to the results of the games that were qualifiers for the high score trophy.

Those games were played once each hour from 5:00-midnight at the 15 minute mark. I did not realize they had different sessions throughout that window, so we made the last minute decision to add a second trophy award so that there could be recognition for both the earlier session and the “after dark” all you can play window.

I must say, I was really impressed with the scores. Right out of the gate Loki set the bar high with a score of 25,793. I figured that would be hard to beat, but several Loveland players really played hard and met the challenge. For quite awhile Frank was creeping up on that score. GooseMoose was leading the After Dark standings with a score just below at 25,153 and it looked like those two were neck and neck right up until…Grave Digger swooped in with the overall top score of the night at 27,883! Nice job!!!

Our trophy winners were Grave Digger aka Jarrett Albee for the overall win and “After Dark” honors while Loki aka Troy Meissner wins “The Light Shines” for the early session high score. Kudos to those who recognize that this is a Photon reference. And congratulations to both these players for some awesome laser tag competition throughout the night. Both earned golden phaser trophies for their really impressive scores!

My thanks again to Jeff Willy and the staff at Loveland Laser Tag for hosting our Tag 4 A Cause night. Huge thanks to all the participants who donated to make this happen including the players here in Loveland, the Laserforce tournament players at Fake Nats 2.0 in Syracuse and everyone who participated on their own in other arenas (we even received donations from players in the Czech Republic!). You can still participate in the Tag 4 A Cause laser tag 5K challenge to support this cause between now and the end of September. Full details at Thank you to all who continue to help us Tag 4 A Cause!

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