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Tag in Another Syracuse

Ok, back now to the recap of my last trip. As a laser tag player from an arena in Syracuse, NY I smiled at the idea of playing at The Rush Funplex in Syracuse, UT. Especially knowing that this site also featured Laserforce.

Actually, there was something interesting I noticed while waiting in the hallway outside the briefing room. What do we see here? Two scoreboards? For two systems?

Yep, inside the briefing/vesting room were two racks of gear. On one wall there were Gen 7 Laserforce packs while on the other side there was a rack of Battle Company gear.

The game attendant told me they switch between the gear based on the kind of group and game preference. Although not unheard of, I think this is the first time I’ve seen this set-up used as a regular option in the same arena. Sure, there are places that run two sets of gear (for example, like XP Lasersport used to), but I’ve only seen it in separately designated spaces unless you are importing the system (ala Armageddon), so this certainly was unique.

This is another 1 1/2 level arena with an upper “stage” level platform where you can view the arena from all sides.

Nothing struck me as terribly exceptional about the walls. There was one thing in the arena that made me pause (which I am sure was an anomaly so I will not go into detail here) so I brought it to the attention of the staff as soon as I was able to find one of them. My only issue with this site was how thinly the staff was spread in covering the attractions. However, these days everyone is doing the best they can with a shortage of workers, so I do not fault them. I just recognize that when there are too few people working the attractions it becomes very evident pretty quickly. Aside from that, it was a nice time as well as a chance to say I have now played Laserforce in Syracuse…and in Syracuse!

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