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Tagging Under the Big Montana Sky

I had an amazing opportunity to experience the absolute beauty of Montana thanks to Janet Coombs, owner of Flashpoint Outdoor Laser Tag in Flathead Valley, MT, who was kind enough to coordinate a unique, outdoor laser tag game experience for me with only a few hours notice. This was one of the most memorable parts of my entire trip!

The opportunities to play laser tag in Montana are rather limited, so I reached out to the online operator’s group in search of a suggestion while sitting in the Phoenix airport waiting to board a plane to Washington. I knew where and how I would be able to laser tag in the adjacent states, but if not for Janet being willing to organize a group for some late night tag in the woods I may not have been able to play laser tag in this state this trip. Fortunately, by any standard, this was an exceptional experience and I am so glad I got to enjoy playing some Elite tactical laser tag under the big Montana sky!

As you can see, there was some gorgeous scenery along my drive through the mountains of Montana (a four hour trek that was absolutely worth it). However, by the time I arrived at the woods field in Columbia Falls the sky had gone dark. When I met the group including Janet, her husband Rick and experienced local players Jackson and Mary, we prepared for the game using headlamps to guide the way through the trails in the woods.

Jackson gave me a thorough briefing of the gear, which included a headset sensor and tactical tagger using the latest Elite Laser Tag software housed inside ASHQ tagger shells. The game objective was clear and we headed out into the woods.

I followed my teammates who knew the terrain. When we reached our starting point I looked up and was in awe of the incredible scattering of stars above me speckling deep blue night sky. As dark as it was, it was equally majestic and you can even see some of the stars in the photos.

We watched for flashes of blue from across the woods to indicate where the players on the opposite team might be taking cover. I looked through my scope trying to align my shots to those areas.

Unlike traditional tag in an arena, this game was very quiet. I might describe the environment as serene if we weren’t all on high alert listening for footsteps as we watched for our opponents. And while the photos look well lit, believe me when I say this nighttime game was pitch dark, which only added to the uniqueness of the experience. I have played outdoor tag before, but it was nothing like this!

We took cover wherever possible, hiding behind trees and ducking down below the brush, but this field was a completely organic, natural environment. There are no bunkers or barriers (which would have probably detracted from this particular experience) so it really was combining my favorite game with an opportunity to commune with nature.

It requires multiple successful tags to deactivate a player, which I did several times.

At the end of the game we returned to “home base” and compared scores and data on the tagger screens.

We all gathered around Janet’s truck for light, which is when I noticed this! :)

And when I tell you that this woman would give you the shirt off her back, I am being completely literal…this is the shirt she sent me home with as a souvenir!

What an amazing experience it was to play Flashpoint Outdoor Laser Tag under the big Montana sky! This was such a unique and memorable way to play laser tag in the treasure state!

I stayed overnight at a local hotel in nearby Kalispell and got back on the road even before this gorgeous sunrise.

I stopped at the cutest little open-air coffee shop where I ordered coffee and a cookie, then saw a tumbler in the wall with their logo so I thought I’d buy one as a souvenir.

Truth be told, I didn’t really need another coffee mug, but I couldn’t resist buying it simply so I could say “I saw a Yeti in Montana!” Lol!

And I ended my time in Montana enjoying another local treat. This state is known for huckleberries, so I felt like I wanted to try the huckleberry milkshake touted as the Best. Shake. Ever.

From here it was four hours back to the airport, where I would board a flight home…or would I? An unexpected twist kept my laser tag adventure going for one more day, which meant by the time all was said and done I would have visited all the locations I wanted to this trip, but my visit to Flashpoint Outdoor Laser Tag will definitely remain among the most memorable!

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