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The Results Are In!

Congratulations! The results are in from the first ever Tiviachick Loves Laser Tag Top Ten Arena Contest. I posted the results immediately on the contest page right after the voting concluded, but I’d like to take a moment now to recognize all the winners and participants once again.

I’d also like to thank everyone who took the time to vote. Every arena got votes from their fans! We received ballots from across 21 states and five countries!

The idea behind this contest was to spark some positivity and appreciation for the laser tag industry while showcasing some really impressive laser tag arenas. The top ten arena finalists in each category were determined by The final results were determined by audience submitted votes by ballot in August 2020.

MOST VISUALLY STUNNING ARENA: 1st Place: Q-ZAR Toledo – Sylvania, OH 2nd Place: LASERTRON (Rochester) – Henrietta, NY

3rd Place: Loveland Laser Tag – Loveland, CO


1st Place: Laser Trooper Topeka – Topeka, KS 2nd Place: Arena 51 Laser Tag – Middleburg Heights, OH

3rd Place: Battle Blast Laser Tag – Las Vegas, NV

PEOPLE’S CHOICE (most write-in votes from among contest finalists):

Laser Trooper Topeka – Topeka, KS

PEOPLE’S CHOICE (most write-in votes from among audience nominated arenas): TIE

Ultrazone Laser Tag – Bensalem, PA

Belt Entertainment – St. Joseph, MO

You can see the video announcement including photos of each of the winning arenas here:

Thank you once again to all who participated in this contest and who continue to show support to the laser tag operators, arenas and industry.

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