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Tagging New England: Seven States in Two Days

I've mentioned my goal to play laser tag in all 50 states. I absolutely love experiencing lots of different systems, formats and arenas. So I decided that over the long holiday weekend would be a great time to play in a few more states and check them off my list. Get ready for my account of how we set out on a road trip to tag across New England to play laser tag in seven states over the course of two days. This has required a fair amount of planning... routing a travel path, recruiting a semi-willing co-captain for the journey and loosely timing it all out to make sure we can actually make it to all these places during their hours of operation in order to pay a visit to each New England state without being too exhausted from travel to actually enjoy playing!

It turned into a really amazing experience and each stop along the way was unique so I'm going to share the stories in individual posts state by state.

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