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Battle For The Fort: Day 1

I finally made my way up to Fort Wayne, Indiana to play in the Battle For The Fort tournament with our laser tag team, Ascendance.

I'm so glad to be playing alongside people who love the game as much as I do. We gathered at the Ultrazone center around 6:45.

And Amber came back from the captain's meeting with more t-shirts!

Meanwhile I was picking up some fun Zone souvenirs.

There was ample time before the first event got underway. Tonight it was team tactical...aka the Big Team Grinder...aka essentially a cage match! Seriously, we were literally playing inside a cage kind of structure that had been constructed in the back garage of the center (the arena here is impressive, but we didn't actually get to play there yet).

In this competition team members would go in two at a time to try to eliminate two players from the other team. Then they'd be followed by two more players from each. Rinse and repeat. OK, this was actually a really unnerving experience, which I was not expecting. I've never been so conscious of everyone watching me (and mind you I used to compete in pageants with a swimsuit competition and this was STILL one of my more self conscious experiences!), but it didn't last long. The entire round was only five minutes. This was not a strong showing to go in with, but at least it got the nerves out of the way early. It was a first for me...well, I came here for some new tag experiences and it looks like that is exactly what BFTF will deliver! Looking forward to more. :)

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