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Indiana: X-Site to the X-treme

Sometimes you can look at the outside of a laser tag center and get a pretty good idea of what kind of place it will be. Based on the entrance to X-Site in Indianapolis, IN I just knew this place would be pretty cool.

Plus it came well recommended. It's a Zone site with layered levels of arena space and a bright space theme throughout the whole center including their upper level observation deck (which I think is an asset whenever I find a center that has one).

I was called in with several groups and during the briefing each group was asked to huddle together to determine their team color. I joined with a group of younger players because I would rather shoot with the kids than at them. There were enough older players to be reasonable competition. In fact, this game had about thirty players, so pretty good turnout in the middle of the day in the middle of the week!

There were lots of cool spaces to tuck away and get some decent angles within the arena.

This is the first time I've played Zone with five separate teams using extra colors. It's just not been something that has been offered in regular games at most of the arenas I've been to, so that was a cool different element. I asked how that impacts the ability to get all the bases (since I was on the red team and couldn't take that base). I was told that I should have been able to get it anyway, but this was not the case in this game. Since I stumbled upon the red base first I tested it before moving on to deactivate the other bases considering the multi-color format, but this was not a free for all so it seemed my standard expectation held...not that it made a big difference to me. Just taking note of the unique things that I observed.

I also found it interesting that this arena had stairs...and a lot of them!

Until this trip I had never experienced an arena with stairs and in the last couple of days I've been in two of them. That's the only thing I wasn't really wild about, but I suppose the game masters have a handle on keeping players from moving too fast for it to be an issue.

I took the top spot as Condor and as we checked out the view screen there were some nice comments about it.

The staff here was fantastic and so accommodating to let me take pics and ask questions about their facility. This is an impressive center that had a lot to offer, had appeal for a wide age spectrum and everyone seemed to enjoy the game. I certainly did!

And I picked up a t-shirt and a slushie for the road before I left.

This was a great mid-point to stop and play as I was making my way North to Fort Wayne. I'd love to return to play at this center next time I pass through Indianapolis!

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