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An Unusual Game of Laser Quest

When I walked into the Laser Quest in Wyomissing, PA my first thought was that if I could play a one on one with an employee here it might be good practice for the tri-tag tournament next week. I approached the counter and the manager Mike commented that I looked like I really wanted to play some laser tag. LOL...if he only knew! At this point I was only one location away from my 70th arena so it was true that I wanted to play, but probably not for reasons he would have guessed. :)

Game master Gabriel and I went into the briefing room. I was the only one there at that moment. He started the instructional speech. I interrupted to let him know that I was familiar with Laser Quest and all the rules. He said he had to go through it anyway, but we could just skip ahead to the pledge. yep...recited it with gusto this time around!

We went into the arena. Now, here's the thing about Quest arenas. Most of them are all pretty much the same...and they are usually decent sized. This was no exception. In tournament play the competition is often pretty much isolated to one tower area if you want to be in close proximity to the other players. That would have been a good thing to address before our one on one, but I figured it would naturally happen. Instead, Gabriel headed off in one direction and I spent the first several minutes of the game just walking around trying to figure out where he went! When we found each other I thought that would be the point where we'd start dogfighting the game. However, instead he left again, so this was the most unusual game of Quest I have ever played because the majority of the game was spent searching instead of shooting! :) Still a great time, even though we both ended up with really silly scores as a result.

After the game I chatted with them about the competitive scene and enjoyed the conversation. I also really enjoyed the time to explore their arena. It's a great center that has plenty to offer and I hope if I pass by Wyomissing that I can stop by and play again sometime.

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