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A Holiday Tradition

The media company I work for has been conducting central New York’s largest holiday toy drive for the past 15 years.

My own personal holiday tradition is to add some laser tag toys to the effort so that on Christmas morning somewhere a child is going to be able to experience laser tag at home, perhaps for the first time.

What you see here is the cumulative result of weeks of our team and our partners doing toy collections during radio broadcasts, special events, school challenges and more and this week we are distributing the toys to over 30 local charities who will get them out to families in need to make the holiday season a little merrier for over 8000 local children.

For size perspective, that dot you see in the upper left corner against the yellow wall is me standing on a ladder next to the mountain of toys.

My thanks to everyone who donated to make this toy drive such a tremendous success once again!

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