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All the Bells and Whistles (aka All the Gates and Pick-Up Pads)

I was incredibly impressed with PINZ in Oakdale, MN because they obviously put a lot into their laser tag arena. This was a complete 180 from the last PINZ location I played. This site has all the bells and whistles, which to my mind means all the gates and pick-up pads!

Right from the entrance it looked like this site cared about making a good impression with their laser tag.

I got to play against AB using Zone Helios Pro and I appreciated that he played full-out so that I could too. :)

The arena itself was a double level by CW with an open second floor creating a perimeter around the top of one of their classic center structures. Nicely done with winding ramps to access the upper level. Nicely done, but there was nothing terribly unique about the overall look of the walls.

However more important than what was on the walls was…well, what was actually ON the walls. Plenty of reflective surfaces helped to make this a more interesting arena to play.

I love seeing an arena make the most of all the extras that are available to enhance the system. Here they incorporated video bases.

Zone gates.

And pick-up pads, which I gravitated to the most during this game just because they are fun!

It was particularly nice to play with the full spectrum of accessories to accompany the already enjoyable Helios Pro experience.

Well done PINZ Oakdale. I really enjoyed my visit to this arena.

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