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“Exceptional Arenas Make a Lasting Impression” at the Laser Tag Convention

I’d like to give my thanks to the Laser Tag Convention for extending an invitation to me to be one of this year’s seminar speakers.

It was a pleasure to present an operator’s class titled “Exceptional Arenas Make a Lasting Impression” and share my thoughts based on having played in nearly 400 laser tag arenas. It was also quite an honor to be part of this distinguished line-up of fellow presenters.

My objectives for this class were to identify what sets truly exceptional arenas apart, explore opinions from a recent survey of laser tag players and see these concepts illustrated with images of award-winning and specially recognized arenas from across the country. You can view my presentation here:

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing all the other speakers who presented throughout the day giving some wonderful insights on a variety of topics relevant to the laser tag industry. Lathan Gareiss began his presentation and I smiled to see my image showing up on his title card slide at the beginning, but I also had to wonder…do you think he’s implying that I’m the answer to his title question, lol?

Following the speakers’ presentations there was a laser tag round table discussion and then a laser tag reception for all the convention attendees. This was a great social and networking opportunity for anyone involved in the laser tag industry.

The Laser Tag Convention website continues to offer information about the recent event as well as access for downloading the free Laser Tag Day poster, courtesy of the Laser Tag Museum, just in time for International Laser Tag Day coming up on March 28th. You can access the free poster download here:

Again, my thanks to Erik Guthrie and the Laser Tag Convention for inviting me to be part of this year’s event.

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