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From Player to Operator – New Podcast Episode

While I was busy at IAAPA conducting interviews in preparation for my next podcast episode, the current episode of Laser Unfocused Tag Talk dropped and immediately started garnering attention for the unique stories told by a laser tag player turned operator who has just recently opened his own laser tag arena.

Making the leap from player to operator can be full of both challenges and fun. Nathan Buxhoeveden, owner of Kynytyx in Bellport, NY shared some of his experiences on the Laser Unfocused Tag Talk podcast.




And since this episode was all about operators, I want to say what a pleasure it was to meet so many laser tag operators while visiting Orlando.

My first night was spent visiting with old and new friends and learning about some exciting plans a few operators have for their own businesses. I look forward to see what is coming next for quite a few laser tag arenas!

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