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Laser Tag (With or Without Pizza)

My next stop was to the Memphis Incredible Pizza located in Cordova, TN. I was curious about what I might find here and there were a few surprises compared to my visits to other Incredible Pizza locations.

The best surprise was that I did not have to order pizza. No disrespect to the food, but that was not why I was here. One of my previous stops to a different Incredible Pizza a while back required me to buy the whole package in order to gain entrance to the laser tag, so I was glad that in this case I was able to just purchase my game of tag and proceed with things.

I walked back to the gaming area and easily found the laser tag attraction with the Laserforce Gen 7 vests on display out front.

I was taken to the briefing room with the other players where we watched a briefing video…for a Zone game. I was aware that many of these locations had changed equipment, however this was a homemade briefing video, not an official manufacturer’s briefing, and in my mind there is no point in even doing a briefing if you are not getting up-to-date, correct information about the game you are about to walk into. Sure, I know how to play Laserforce, but there is no reason to think the other players have that knowledge or why bother watching anyway?

Well, regardless we proceeded into the game. I zapped the bases and (predictably) the others did not so that was the game right there in a nutshell.

This was a small, single level arena that I would guesstimate to be around 2000 square feet. There were a few raised platforms with walls around them, however the walls were too high to function as a barricade that you can see or target over. They offered a tiny bit of protection (or perhaps just more of a stage).

There were a few familiar CW structures.

But the best part of it all was the astronaut who tried to steal my hat!

Silly astronaut, don’t you know that my Photon hat is where I keep my laser tag skills, lol? Considering my first two locations in Memphis were getting a visit from me early in the day on a Thursday I am still walking away happy that I was able to play some laser tag. From here I would continue on my route and see what other laser tag experiences I could find in western Tennessee.

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