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My Sentimental System

I love Rift. I always have and I always will. Even though technically Infusion was my first laser tag experience, Rift was the system in use at my home site when I first developed a passion for laser tag and in the very beginning it was what I played every single weekend. As it is now an “end of life” system I realize that as arenas start to upgrade to newer gear, the opportunities to play Rift will become increasingly few and far between. So my heart leapt when I walked into VIA Entertainment in Leesburg, FL and saw the familiar scoreboard and told the guys “I’m on Legend!”

I had gotten special permission from the management to photograph my experience, so I started with a selfie of our group. It was William and me playing against Timothy and Tyler.

You know how it feels when you are firing on all cylinders, and everything is clicking into place? That’s how this game felt. Even though I can’t remember the last time I actually played Rift, it felt as natural as it did back in the day. Simple, easy and fun.

They had a nice little single level CW arena that played very intuitively.

This was so much fun and worth the drive to have an opportunity to enjoy the laser tag system that started me out on an amazing journey from Syracuse to the whole wide laser tag world. :)

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