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Right On Target at The Fun Lab

I didn’t know when I arrived at The Fun Lab in Blaine, MN that it would be the first of team arenas I would end up playing in that one single day! What I did know was that they were opening early in the day, so I was right there when they opened the doors and so got the first game of the morning joined by Nathan, Greg and Nate who were ready to give me a good challenge at any hour!

We put on our Helios CE package and entered a nicely done, two-level arena.

I noticed something interesting about the upper-level bridge. Look carefully on the lower edge and it is lined with targets from one end to the other.

This was interesting because you could tag several targets right down the row in succession…pew-pew-pew!

I took a moment to adopt a corner position and see how many I could get consecutively while standing in one spot. The maximum I could get was four of them down the row before the angle was too wide to hit any more from that position, but theoretically I could have tagged targets the entire time from one end to the other. However, it is much more fun to interact with the other players, so that’s what I did.

Greg and I played together as a team. The red cat eyes let me know that we were pulling the lead on red for the entire game.

This was a nice game to start and got the adrenaline pumping. When we checked the scoreboard Greg saw that I came in first by a decent margin and asked me if this was my first time…lol. I’m not sure what about that game would have made anyone think I was a first timer, but perhaps he wanted to think I had an incredible bit of beginner’s luck? What can I say, at The Fun Lab it was less about luck and more about the science and strategy of laser tag!

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