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Rolling Through the RollHouse

My final stop on the way home from this trip was to RollHouse Entertainment in Solon, OH. Truth be told, I was hungry and really wanted to stop because I knew I could get a burger in their bar/restaurant. However, as the mama to a tiny dinosaur (aka my little gecko) I couldn’t resist an arena with this kind of aesthetic out front!

Having started my trip with a tour of Creative Works, it seemed very fitting to end it with a game in one of their arenas. Here you can see the same kind of base housings that were pictured in my earlier post in their raw wood state, but this is the finished product that really pops under the right lighting!

I can’t say there was much of a dinosaur theme on the inside of this arena. I kind of wish the aesthetic had carried over from the entrance. However, this double level arena really looked sharp.

I got a pretty good 1v1 game with a staff member playing Gen 7 Laserforce.

Kudos to him for bringing his best game! We covered that entire arena, going up and down the ramps and utilizing every inch of the space for our game.

And at the end I did indeed get a fantastic burger! So my trip ended very nicely with this visit to RollHouse Entertainment and I hope to visit more of their locations next time I pass through Ohio.

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