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Scene 75 x 2 (Does That Make It Scene 150?)

I played two Scene 75 locations back to back (and actually a third one by the end of the day) as I began my day in Northeastern Ohio and crossed the state making my way down to the southwestern corner. The first site I visited was Scene 75 Columbus.

One of the things I really appreciate about Scene 75 is that every arena they have is themed differently, which is one of the things that makes it worth my while to visit them all. Columbus had an 8000 square foot jungle themed arena done by Art Attack and it looks phenomenal! I love the look of their graphic walls.

They call this Lost Island Laser Tag and I want to shout out the visual “story” that the design decor conveys. First, the counter out in front of the arena looks like an airport terminal gate, complete with “flight info” (aka mission times) up on a monitor.

Unfortunately, it looks like the flight didn’t make it!

So apparently you have crash landed on the Lost Island, which makes me a little curious why there is a shipwreck on the wall of the briefing room.

Well, however you got there, what you walk into is a two story arena that is covered with bright neon walls and distinctive architecture.

Throughout the space you run across plenty of interesting creatures.

The arena is a nice size and it plays well.

However, there is one feature I really am not wild about. I really dislike finding stairs in a laser tag arena.

This is my personal pet peeve, particularly when the same purpose can be (and is here) also served with a ramp.

I have been told in the past that stairs are statistically no more of a hazard than ramps, but I have no verifiable source to site on that and this is the only thing that I would prefer to see done differently from an architectural standpoint. Otherwise, it’s a great arena!

I was able to get into a game right away. Because I had arrived just as they opened up for the day it was still quiet, so game master Andrew gave me a 1v1 game. We put on the Laserforce Gen 8 packs

For first thing in the morning it was a very good chase game. Afterwards Andrew told me that this was the first time that anyone had beat him. This was a pretty good warm up for the rest of my day!

After the game I continued on to my next stop, Scene 75 Cincinnati.

Another two story arena, but this one was called District 75 - The Aftermath with an apocolyptic theme throughout.

I got to enjoy a game with Laserforce Gen 7 packs and check out some really cool airbrushed art on the walls.

The arena structure plays predominantly lengthwise on two levels and targeting between the levels was good.

There is a enough openness that it can be played well from top or bottom and through open areas in between floors as the top level is built with a distinct border.

The open floor grates help with that accessibility between floors also.

As someone who works in radio myself, I had to wonder about this sign. Fictitious decor or actual touch of local flavor?

I enjoyed the game, but even more than that I enjoyed discovering something I don’t see in all that many arenas…projection walls!

Scene 75 does a really nice job with their arenas. I base that also on having played at Cleveland and Pittsburgh locations. I planned my route to start and end my day at Scene 75 because if I timed it just right I could make Scene 75 Dayton my 350th arena (more on that in another post) and then I can say I have played at them all. I had a great time and love seeing something new each time.

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