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Tag in Socks

I must admit I was a bit surprised when I was told I must wear specific Urban Air socks without sneakers to play laser tag at Urban Air in Westminster, CO. Playing laser tag in socks is unusual to say the least, but was actually kind of fun and made it feel a little more casual, so this is the thing I will remember most about this laser tag experience.

OK, so socks in the arena it is!

They were glowing bright under the black lights, as was everything else in this two-story arena. It’s interesting how much lighting really matters. I could tell that the build of this arena had many similar elements as the Urban Air I recently played in Buffalo, however it has a completely different look here due to the lighting in use.

This arena is operating with Delta Strike Evolution and I joined a group for a light game. I had called ahead and thought that this might be a Genesis site, but as for now that white whale still continues to elude me! Still, it was a fun time and a nice way to begin my tour of the Denver area arenas on my first night in town.

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