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Tag Inside a Toy Store

I have played laser tag in some pretty unusual locations, from a dentist’s office in Colorado to the end of a race course in Massachusetts (actually, that story is still to come), however my visit to Maziply Toys in Kingston, MA was the first time I ever got to play laser tag inside a toy store!

Yep, there is a laser tag arena nestled inside of the largest toy store in New England where they play using Battle Company gear. I appreciated that store manager Jesse and his two little helpers gave me a tour of the facility and a chance to play this very unique arena.

Originally, the owner Scott had purchased the laser tag equipment back in 2019 and opened an adjacent arena across the hall from the toy store, which is located in a shopping mall. However, after three months in 2019 and then, well, you know how 2020 went, and reopening again across the hall they decided to relocate the arena right inside the store and Jesse created the arena space that I got to experience. Now the laser tag arena is open seven days a week.

To get to the laser tag I first walked through the store, passing by Sue the dinosaur and her friends.

Then I entered the 2800 square foot arena that was constructed with repurposed materials from the previous incarnation, now set up with four corner respawn stations and a variety of little rooms for tagging in and around.

Each respawn station has a colored light right above it to serve as a beacon marker for where to return once you have been tagged out.

I started across from the green respawn.

There are also several designated weapons upgrade boxes scattered throughout so you can receive armor, ammo or access to the mini-gun upgrade during the game.

I picked up armor inside this overlook at the top of a steep ramp.

When I picked up the mini-gun upgrade it took a moment to “rev up” before I had rapid fire capabilities.

We enjoyed a game where the young girls were getting their first laser tag experience. I love that! Then I explored the store, learning that the 12,000 square foot retail space is the oldest flagship store for a company called Schleich which makes realistic looking animal toys. I think I see some cool theming possibilities there!

I actually love the idea of a laser tag arena in a toy store because it can capture a few different demographics and, well, you know I love when I can combine laser tag and shopping!

I loved getting to visit Maziply Toys and had a wonderful time playing some laser tag there.

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