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Tagging the Alien Invasion at Brickopolis

My next stop was to Brickopolis located in the historic Bricktown of Oklahoma City. They were open until 11:00, so I had time to get in a game before closing and was lucky to be able to play some Gen 8 Laserforce with James, Daniel, Yoshy and Brittany from the Brickopolis crew!

Thank you to Manuela for making it possible for me to get into an end of the night game before closing so I could experience the awesome arena they have here. We were absolutely ready to experience the “alien invasion!”

We walked into the briefing room where Yoshy made sure everyone got a complete briefing. She indicated the key things to be looking for in terms of bases and targets and I must say there was a really creative approach taken to theming the alien base (red base), alien invasion response team (blue base) and the targets on the asteroids. I also like how they took all the ambiguity out of what the base objectives are for new players. This info may seem obvious to those who are familiar with the game, but she approached it just like you would for any first time player, which is exactly the right way to start things off.

This arena is really well done for an FEC experience. Although it is unbalanced (in terms of base positioning and symmetry), at a site like this it’s more important that it be fun to play, which it is.

Both bases are positioned on the lower level. The red base is almost impossible to miss, as it is housed under this bright green alien creature.

However, the blue base was much more challenging to find! I searched the lower level using the logic that there would be balance on opposite corners, but the blue base was tucked away in the last place I expected, which really made me search for it!

Targets were positioned on asteroids hanging from opposite walls and I liked how everything really worked together to enhance a storyline theme.

The second level is accessible by long ramps, but once you are up there the most notable characteristic is the catwalk bridge from one side to the other.

There were lots of places where shots could be made across the entire arena, so no place was particularly safe for avoiding tags. Everyone played with enthusiasm, which made for a great game!

Thank you to the whole team at Brickopolis for a great time and a thoroughly enjoyable laser tag experience!

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