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Tagging The Colosseum

I had a completely unique tactical laser tag experience when I visited The Colosseum in Layton, UT!

I arrived just as a game was getting ready to go into the arena and Ammon showed me to the rack of Battle Company gear to set me up with one of their Battle Rifle Metals.

I have played a fair amount of Battle Company (and the next thing we did was sign me in with my CallSign account), however this might be…pretty certain it was…my first time playing with these more realistic metals. I got a quick tutorial before entering the 10,000 square foot arena.

The arena was VERY dark…let me repeat, VERY dark. I asked Anmon about their preference to keep it that dark during a game and he told me their players really like that kind of atmosphere for the added element of realism. Of course laser tag is an immersive experience, so I can understand this appealing to tactical players. He turned the light on afterwards so I could show you what the arena looks like when “the light shines” (cheesy Photon reference that I couldn’t let pass!).

No need to explain the game itself, but there was one element I found really interesting. If a players activated the box on one side of the arena it will open up a garage door entry to a full second half of the space!

This is very cool! Yep, you know I had to try that!

This site opened about six months ago on the upper level of the Layton Hills Mall. They also feature nerf tag, archery tag, VR and axe throwing.

Ok, as a former Croghan Lumberjack Princess I felt I had to at least try the axe throwing and see how I did. Spoiler alert…I did EXACTLY as well as you are guessing. Want a good laugh? Here’s the video.

My poor showing with the axe aside, I really like this place. Ammon encouraged me to try to return in the month of October for their special Raid events and lured me in with a look at the season pass patches.

If I was local I would be all over that!

If you want to enjoy some tactical tag in northern Utah I would definitely recommend a visit to The Colosseum. Keep those axes in check, lol!

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