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Watch Out for Falling Volcanoes!

I was heading towards my next laser tag destination when I passed by an attraction that caught my eye. I called over to Volcano Falls Adventure Park in Loves Park, IL and found out they also offer laser tag. Detour!

I got there just in time to join in with a group of about a dozen players and join in on this team playing Lasertron on red.

These guys assured me that this would be the winning team. I smiled to myself, quite certain they were right for reasons they didn’t even know.

While the briefing video played, I looked around and took note of a couple things. The packs were all lined up behind a garage door style barrier and the walls behind the Tron tubes looked like this.

Although this arena was small and only one level (essentially), this park is located just outside of Rockford, IL and the wall paint was oddly familiar, so I had to wonder…was there any possibility I was standing in a former LQ?

I asked the marshal and he told me this was not the old LQ, but for just a moment the prospect of that made this stop all the more interesting.

Well, once we put that question to rest, I was ready to play and had my mind set on leading the game. It was team shields up/down with no bases, so similar to at Armageddon…only fun! Lol.

I did top score the game and our team did take the win.

So, the guys who said this team would win were right after all. :) And I had I‘m

some fun playing in a Tron arena, so this worked out to be an awesome extra stop.

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