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Team Catharsis

This week has been...hard. And by Saturday night I had been on a crazy up and down roller coaster emotionally and was just ready to return to something normal, familiar and positive...and running around an arena letting off steam seemed spot on. Thank goodness for laser tag. And also for the wonderful people I get to play it with. My best friend since junior high came out to try a few games. She is not a laser tag player, but it doesn't matter. She is a supportive friend who wanted to be with me every step of the way this week. So she was a good sport and put on the vest and ran around the arena taking part in something she knows I enjoy and making sure that if I needed a shoulder this week that she was right there. Thanks for everything ya! And my laser tag guys...Joe, Will and Tommy played as a team with me all night. Now, often times we may split apart onto different teams just to make for better competition and challenge. However, this night there was something incredibly cathartic about playing as a team and letting everyone else in the arena be the targets. Without getting sappy, playing with a team is a reminder that "you're not alone". I think I needed that right about now and I am also glad to have a healthy release. And even though I don't know them, thanks to the random group of guys who came out this night to be decent competition for brought a good game and that makes a big difference too.

I am still waiting for the tidalwave of emotion I am pretty sure has yet to slam into me full force (most of this week I have just been rather numb), but I take comfort in knowing that a reasonable release is not too far away. Laser tag last night was a way to both escape from real life and return to some degree of normalcy all at once. I may be overusing the word, but the best description I can come up with for last night is...cathartic.

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