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Earning It The Hard Way

Moments after I snapped a picture of the scores from a round of tag last night the owner of the Laserforce center says to me "you know I can give you a detailed printout of your score, right?" I said, yes, but I was going to blog about it so the photo was better. Though I really don't even need that because I wasn't recording the scores for posterity. It was more about analyzing the context of this game, not solely my own performance.

I went there last night to re-familiarize myself with this arena because it will be one of the sites for the upcoming Snowmageddon tournament that I will be playing along with my teammates on team Ascendance (formerly called All About That Base).

Part of me was really irritated because I was playing with several level six players who, during that round, all simply opted not to sign in as such even though I had. I need to practice and if better players are there then they should be playing at a better level, not copping out and getting easy least that was my temporary thought process. But mid-game as one of those non-signed in sixes was taking aim at me I had a change of attitude. I shouted to him "I appreciate you. You make me earn it." And there was only a hint of sarcasm intended. :) But back to the pic of the scores...who signs in as what really doesn't matter. I took my lumps and didn't score as high as I could have if I played below my level, but I earned it harder than they did in that scenario. And what I earned was one more round of experience to get me further overall as a player. At the tournament plenty of players will be well above my playing level because of their time put in towards building experience. So, if I have to earn it the hard way, so be it. Let the others sign in at lesser levels. What is not always on the scoreboard…sometimes you just need to know what you have done for yourself.

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