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Maine: Playing Some Helios

Arriving at Spare Time in Portland, ME I was looking forward to checking out this arena that looked pretty cool even before stepping inside.

Everything here looked pretty new including the Helios packs that I was glad to get some experience with during our time here.

And, although small, the arena was very impressive and artistic. The basic maze structure was assembled with pretty standard looking tag walls. However, the fallen city theme was augmented by a lot of very unique touches including a helicopter suspended from above and some cleverly designed pieces which gave this arena a very distinctive atmosphere.

The bases were not active for this game, so it was just player tags for the points, but other than that it was a good chance for me to compare the Helios equipment to what I am accustomed to and I felt that it played very similarly. I had a great time, but I've got to say, by the time we got to the end of this night I was pretty worn out from all the tag and travel.

So, after rounding out a day of tag it was off to the hotel. But before leaving Maine I was glad to have the opportunity for a touristy side trip with a little seafood and sunshine by the water at the Portland Lobster Company with Paul, Sean and Maria.

What a great way to begin day two of this New England laser tag journey!

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