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Epic Coming and Going

I have to thank Sanch for giving me heads up about a new Laserforce arena that had only been open for about a week when I had a chance to stop in. Epic Gaming in St. Catherine's, ON, Canada is in a great location just off the highway where I have to pass by every time I drive to and from making visits to see my friends in Toronto. So I will most certainly return. :)

When you enter this facility there are a few different activities to choose from. Immediately to the left is their golf simulator which seemed to be a very popular attraction already. To the right is their Balladium (which was new to me) where teams can target each other with balls. Then a little ways in you get to their laser tag arena.

The most striking thing about this arena is the aesthetic. When I walked in my first thought was "Wow!" Not because of the size of the arena (which is a little small at only around 2000 square feet), but more because of the really cool atmosphere you walk into. The lights danced actively against some beautiful neon graphic art walls, making it both bright and dark simultaneously. These were NOT the same old maze walls I see so many places.

Owners Frank and Rob were kind enough to show me around. This was a really stunning arena! It's kind of an industrial meets western theme which was best illustrated by the centerpiece where the reactor is hidden in plain sight (the sensors look clear until they start to light up).

The perimeter walls were airbrushed (reminiscent of the Force centers I played in Sacramento and Gresham...ok this guy looks EXACTLY like the one in Gresham)...

...and the bases were housed under structures like this one marking "mine shaft 1".

I put on a gen 7 pack and played on Saturday with a small family group (bearing in mind this place literally JUST opened their doors a few days earlier) so it was a light game where I tried to coach more than anything else.

I didn't have much time for anything more as I was trying to keep on schedule to meet up with my friends in Toronto.

However, the next day as I was headed back home I decided to stop back to Epic Gaming and play a little more tag while I was still in Canada. Although the arena is small I really did enjoy playing and I would certainly make a point to stop back the next time I visit Toronto. Not only for the tag, but also because there is an AMAZING smoothie shop practically right next door. So there's two great reasons to return to Epic Gaming!

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