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Long Island Laser Tagging…First Stop, Laser Kingdom

For awhile now I’ve wanted make a trip down to Long Island for a weekend just to check out the tag sites. So when my original weekend plans got changed at the last minute I decided that this was the perfect time to do it.

First stop once we got to Long Island was the Laser Kingdom in Farmingdale. There are actually two Laser Kingdom locations, but timing would not allow a visit to the Coram site to happen this trip.

We walked in to see a game in progress through the big observation window. They were playing some classic Hyper Blast in an “unusual terrain”. Once inside I got a chance to check out their arena design. It was a mountainous space design with lots of cave-like structures in place of traditional arena walls. These were fun!

I always enjoy an unusual design and aesthetic. Plus I don’t play Hyper Blast all that often. This was a smaller arena, but a worthwhile visit to start the weekend adventure…and they had some tag swag for me to take home too!

Maybe next time I’ll get to the Coram location, but for now I was happy with one stop at the Laser Kingdom before continuing my way down the Long Island Expressway. :)

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