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Soldier of Light: Photon Video Game

Laser tag is my game. I do NOT know anything about video games. But this relates because it has to do with Photon. I recently acquired an oddity, a version of the Japanese Nintendo game Photon that someone had translated into English and adapted to make playable on a vintage classic NES. I know nothing about how this was accomplished from the technical side, but I do know it was sufficient motivation to get me searching my attic for the old Nintendo system I kept from back when we were kids (yes, our family's original 8-bit one from 1985....stop doing the math on that!). And then I was able to experience this game that was based on Photon and only ever released (to my knowledge) in Japan.

I should point out that the Japanese version does not play on a US system without the adaptation.

Well...I love all things Photon, but other than the character's attire this game really has nothing to do with the source material. It is a maze game where I believe the objective is to accumulate objects along the way while using what I presume was intended to be a digital phaser to shoot down alien enemies who attack you in different rooms along the way.

As I have such limited knowledge of video games and am still stumbling around this one I'll refer you to this site I found that explains the specifics of this game far better than I could at this point...

But it is a treat to finally be able to play this game because it is another piece of the Photon history that has remarkably managed to be preserved.

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