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Zombieburgh Lazer Tag is located inside of Ace's Break Away and Play at the Monroeville Mall.

Interesting trivia...this is actually where the movie Dawn of the Dead was shot. As a huge Kevin Smith fan I knew that the Monroeville Zombies hockey jerseys showed up in his Zack and Miri film, but until doing a little homework I didn't realize that this mall was also featured in that movie. So for that reason alone this stop was totally worthwhile.

You can actually see the outside of this site in the movie during the escalator scene and I took a picture of the business from that same escalator that Seth Rogan and Craig Robinson can be seen on at the 33:45 minute mark in the movie.

This site uses Lazer Runner, so Spencer and I suited up.

And then we were ready to "lock and load" as the wall mural in the briefing/vesting area says.

Then it was time to enter the arena. It was a typical single level Lazer Runner arena, with bases in each corner and an additional target in the center that could attack back.

The game was...exactly what you'd expect. But a good time. There was a lot of fog and nothing particularly distinctive about the arena itself other than some of the artwork on the walls. I do like an original mural!

On the way out I bought a t-shirt (we'll call this my own version of the Monroeville Zombies jersey).

And we left having enjoyed some Runner and the site of some movie history.

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