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Intersphere in Addison

Having a chance to play Intersphere is a really special experience because right now there are only three laser tag arenas left in America that are still operating with this system. One of them is Lazer X in Addison, IL and I am so glad I had the opportunity to pay them a visit while I was traveling in the Chicago area this past weekend.

When I arrived I introduced myself and Carlos, the game master, was kind enough to show me around the arena. This is a really spacious facility at 6500 square feet with the multi-levels of the arena accessible by ramps along the back wall.

There were a few things I recognized as familiar hallmarks of Intersphere, but there were also some really creative elements and surprises to be found throughout during the game. Here are a couple of my favorites among the motion activated “inhabitants” of this arena…

…and a few other surprises.

I joined up with a family group who came out to play that night.

There was a tutorial about the game in the briefing room…

And then we put on our packs (they had the X style packs at this site) and we went in for our 20 minute game session. This was such a great time! Everyone was really getting into it. I tried to apply the skills and knowledge I acquired in March when I was playing at Lazer X Texas and it all felt familiar again.

Some of my favorite places of note in the arena were definitely along the upper level, the access points to the ramps and in the tunnel on the far right side. We meandered through the maze and I located a base unit that I did not believe was active.

However, based on my scorecard I’m guessing there had to be some hidden wall units that I did not take note of while I was in there.

It is truly remarkable to see a facility like this continuing to operate with the equipment that has served them well for so many years. Although I made a special point to come her because they had Intersphere, I can tell that place is well loved simply for the fun that customers enjoy. I showed up as their party groups were finishing up and they were getting ready for the public games so the timing was perfect to see what they have to offer. Many thanks to the staff for showing me around. If you’re in the Chicago area and want to experience something unique then I would highly recommend paying a visit to Lazer X of Addison for a great game of tag playing with Intersphere as they are keeping a piece of laser tag history alive.

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