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Parker Lewis CAN Lose at Laser Tag (According to Corin Nemec)

Who besides me remembers a little bit of 90s television nostalgia called "Parker Lewis Can't Lose"? It was a show that aired from 1990-1993 starring Corin Nemec. Well, as the internet never forgets anything, there are still a couple of publicity pieces about this actor floating around that reference him "playing professional laser tag". This is a term that I vehemently dislike because there is no such thing as "professional laser tag". I challenge anyone to show me they are actually getting paid to play this game because that is what defines something as being "professional". Anything short of that is simply an "enthusiast". However, the claim was too interesting to ignore, so I had to check it out...nearly thirty years later. So I went to the source to ask Corin Nemec himself whether it's true that "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" at laser tag and here's what he said...

My guess is that he either didn't know about or doesn't remember anyone attributing that particular fact to his name during his young actor days. You always hear that a lot of what's printed about celebrities is made up anyway, so maybe that's the case here. In any case, two lessons can be learned from this...

1. There is STILL no such thing as "professional laser tag" (ahem...Cody)

2. You can't believe everything you read on the internet!

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