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And then there were five…and four…

My main reason for taking this route through Canada was to visit a couple more Laser Quests in my continuing “quest” to visit all their sites in both the U.S. and Canada. After this trip I am down to only five more in Canada and four more in the United States.

I arrived at Laser Quest London early in the day.

John showed me around and took me down the stairs (yep, downstairs!) to the briefing room and vesting area.

And then we proceeded into the arena that had a unique aesthetic and very cool layout.

Because of the timeframe between London and my next stop in Kitchener I opted not to wait for their first group, but instead enjoyed playing a 1v1 game where I took the opportunity to get a few suggestions from John who was clearly an experienced player (and going off to a staff tournament later that night in Whitby). His advice included standing more sideways and covering the speaker at the base of the phaser with my hand. Not certain if the speaker tip is usable in tournaments, but it certainly made a difference to how I held and controlled the phaser, so I think I’ll experiment with this hold for awhile.

I had a great time and got more out of this kind of game than I usually do playing with the public, so it was well worth the trip to London.

Then I was off to Kitchener. I knew there was a large group playing in an hour and a half, so I left London allowing myself just enough time to get there for the ga

(photo in front of Kitchener)

Well…almost. I actually got there while the game was in progress. The staff member at mission control said there were only eight minutes left in the game. I asked him to please put me in anyway. So, I didn’t slow down long enough to take pics (sorry Og) and had to play harder to catch up for the half the game I missed. :) I pulled 7th out of 32, so I figure that was reasonable considering I had half the time, but it was fun. Two things I noticed about Kitchener…I’m not sure if it’s because I hurried in and didn’t allow my eyes enough time to adjust in the vesting area, but that felt like one of the darkest arenas I’ve ever been in. I also had a phaser (#32) with a much tighter trigger than I am used to so after those eight minutes my hand was aching! However it was a great time as always and I promised to return sometime when I could meet up with friends. This is the home site for one of my Armageddon teammates, so at the counter I mentioned “I have a friend who plays here a lot.” And with no more information than that the guy said “You mean Dave?” He’s an icon here! And yes, next time I’ll try to plan it to play against Dave, but in the meantime I’ll take away great memories of LQ Kitchener and their “moonlit garden” theme which includes this little guy…

Dave, when you see this guy on the arena wall from now on I have named him Leon! Lol.

And before returning home to the states I had one more important mission in Canada…to stock up on my David’s Teas!

Fifteen hours later (because of a two hour delay at the border) I was home again with great memories and a couple more Laser Quests checked off my list. So now I’m down to five…and four…so yeah, nine more in total. Time to plan some more travels!

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