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Tagging Before the Tourney

Even though we were going to be playing laser tag all night long in the competition, a few of us decided to play some Helios Pro at Launch Richmond before the tournament began.

I met up with Travis, Eric and Gambit and we took some time for a warm-up game in a small, but nicely done two-level arena. This is the third Launch location I have played and I liked the layout of this arena with long wraparound ramps on each side leading to the upper level and a lot of extra targets all throughout.

The base housings were quite open, so defending from above was easy.

We all destroyed the bases fairly quickly, so from there it was just a two on two team game, but it’s always much more enjoyable to play with others who have experience. This was a fun way to start the evening out before gearing up for the rest of the night.

After we left Launch we decided to stop over to Applebee’s where Travis demonstrated what tournament Quest players call “practice”. As for me, I needed a bite to eat for energy to power through as I looked forward to our next stop, the RVA Solo event.

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