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Laser Tag in the Library

Last weekend I heard about something a little different happening locally so I went to check it out. The Hamilton Public Library was hosting a night of “Laser Tag in the Library”. This is not a completely unusual concept, but it was the first time that this library put on this particular event and the first time I was aware of it happening relatively nearby. I called ahead and was told that they had sessions for kids, teens and adults and so I pre-registered for the adult session and arrived early enough to see that all the sessions appeared well attended. Apparently quite a few people wanted to laser tag throughout the library and target players between the bookshelves.

I was shown to the part of the library where the event organizer, Diana, handed me what I believe is called a Light Battle Titan model tagger. I have very limited knowledge of home gear/toy laser tag systems, so if I have that name or brand wrong please correct me. This is the tagger model we used.

Diana told me she rented these through Laser Tag Source because they appeared to her to be the simplest to use. Phasers could be assigned to either the red or blue team and when you successfully tagged an opponent their phaser would flash green.

The lights were turned out so the space was very dark (my phone shows the lowlight in red, but really it was just a dark room), which was an interesting way to play…kind of like playing Shadows.

This was a half an hour session of just tagging purely for fun. Scores were not kept and nobody was eliminated from the game because if your tagger was fully deactivated you were instructed to just reset it. It’s certainly enjoyable to tag just to tag, although due to my own competitive nature I really prefer to see a scorecard with the results at the end. However, this was certainly a novelty that was worth making the trip out to this library and supporting a fun community night that I hope they will do again.

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