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Dragons and Unicorns with My Laser Tag? Yes, Please!

When you are the Mother of Dragons (ok, a little leopard gecko, but he still counts) the idea of walking into a castle guarded by a dragon holds even more appeal…especially when there’s laser tag inside!

At Lost Worlds Myth and Magic Family Fun Center in Henderson, NV you really get that castle experience from the moment you walk in the door all the way through the site, right up to the entrance to the Wizard’s Dungeon.

This site is affiliated with the Lost Worlds centers in Livermore (with a dinosaur theme, which I have been to) and San Jose, but I must say this site was really distinctive and set itself apart. They really play up their theme so I looked forward to seeing whether this extended all the way into the laser tag arena. From the way the manager Sean talked it up I was certain this arena would be something special and indeed it was…and full of dragons!

There was a raised platform in the center with an impressive four post castle-like structure that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a medieval movie set.

And the base housings are like forts.

When a site opts for a them, especially a fairly theatrical theme, I love to see it carried out all the way through. This site did not disappoint. Ideal for little ones and big kids alike, there is really something kind of magical about the atmosphere here. And you might even make a new friend of two!

If you happen to be there on the weekend I understand there is even more myth and magic to be enjoyed. I had a wonderful time and this castle themed site definitely made me feel like royalty. :)

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