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“Ladies Do It Better” Win at LASERTRON Battle Royale Squad Tournament

The first ever LASERTRON Battle Royale Squad Adult 18+ Tournament Event was recently held at LASERTRON Buffalo. The winning squad called “Ladies Do It Better” certainly did live up to their name by taking the win as well as a nice share of the $1000 in total prize money awarded at the event. Team members Emily “Shadowdragon” Faltisco, Sheila “Mooncalfe” Heinrich, Janine “Sixtoes” Nayda and Brooke “Butterlamb1” Kress were the players comprising this all-female team, which is notable not just for their achievement in the arena, but also for the fact that they may have made a bit of history in the process.

Over the past few days I’ve been reaching out to the laser tag community across various systems for some assistance in determining whether there has ever been an all-female team to win a tournament event in any system in the past. Jim Kessler, owner and CEO of LASERTRON told me he has never heard of an all-female team winning a tournament in laser tag before and, as of this writing, I have not been able to identify another similar instance resulting in a tournament win. Even though there have been all-female teams to compete in tournaments, taking the actual win might just make this historical. I welcome any feedback from laser tag historians who may be able to verify this one way or the other. Regardless, such an achievement is rare and worthy of some spotlight, so I invited the Ladies Do It Better team members to talk with me about their experiences with laser tag and being part of the very first LASERTRON Battle Royale Squad Tournament.

This first ever squad event was preceded earlier in the year by two solo tournaments prior to the facility temporarily closing down during the COVID pandemic. LASERTRON re-opened recently with some new safety measures in place and Spectrum News reported on what steps they have been taking.

Congratulations once again to the Ladies Do It Better squad for their win!

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