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An Opportunity to Play LaserTag.Net

AGR Sports in Houston is a place to enjoy a variety of games with paintball, miniball and tactical laser tag attractions all utilizing the same indoor arena. The reason I went out of my way to visit this site is because they operate with the LaserTag.Net Falcon model laser tag equipment and it is quite rare for me to be able to play this system.

My interest in LaserTag.Net started last fall when I unexpectedly stumbled upon it at a unique arena in Colorado. However, my feeling of connection to this laser tag manufacturer grew stronger after having recently done an interview and update with company CEO Michael Obod via Zoom from his office in Ukraine.

I arrived during a window of time between party groups and was only able to enjoy a short game, but it was enough for me just to get to tag with this gear at all.

We put on the head sensors prior to heading into the multi-purpose arena.

There I found a variety of inflatable barriers…and I inadvertently discovered that I should not touch them because they were covered in paint!

The basic game experience is comparable to most standard tactical tag, though I noticed a domination tube at the front counter, so I’m sure they can accommodate other game formats with this gear.

I took home some a couple of souvenirs from the visit including a “best player” medal and a “Stand with Ukraine” T-shirt.

I left AGR Sports feeling appreciative that I was able to have another experience (only my second opportunity) playing LaserTag.Net. Playing this system means much more to me now on the heels of this interview with Michael Obod. The first part was recorded literally 12 hours before the first attack on Ukraine and the second part (the update) was recorded two weeks later.

I feel like this is worth sharing again for perspective. I enjoyed playing LaserTag.Net at AGR Sports and wish for peace for all in Ukraine and all the individuals affiliated with this laser tag manufacturer.

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