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Caught in the Laser Web

When I arrived at Laser Web in Dayton, Ohio I walked in the door to find three employees curiously staring at me because they had just watched me taking selfies in front of their building.

I was going to explain that I was doing so because I write a blog, but instead I began by just purchasing a game and inquiring about who I might get to play against. There was nobody else waiting, so one of the guys looked at another and asked “do you want to beat her?” It did not sound like he was asking that ironically, so I smiled on the inside, thought to myself “game on” and kept quiet about the blog for the moment.

Reed walked me into the briefing room where it became very apparent to me that this must have once been a Q-Zar site.

I haven’t played Darklight in a very long time. Certainly not since before the pandemic, so putting on a Darklight Gen 6 pack was an exciting novelty.

My pack had the codename Spartacus. Reed put on his pack too and then mid-game Caden jumped in to play as well.

I scouted around a bit to become familiar with where the GEMs were located.

Laser Web has a nice, big arena. A standard CW design is more like background to the size of the space itself.

Reed actually gave me a very tight game! Now, Darklight is certainly better with more players, but I was impressed with the quality of this game for only having 2-3 players.

However, I took that initial comment as something of a personal challenge, so I did not let up at all. I was gunning for the top score and in the end I walked out having put any question of “do you want to beat her?” to rest.

I’m not saying this was my best performance, but I also can’t call this a typical game. What I can say is I enjoyed my visit immensely, particularly because there was a bit of a challenge extended, and I would love to play more Darklight at Laser Web anytime!

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