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Getting Closer

The main purpose for my trip to Branson, MO was to play a handful of arenas in relatively close proximity to each other (a bit easier to do in this tourist attraction town) so I was glad to see several options all along the same road. This is all getting me closer to hitting another milestone number very soon. By dinner time I was also happy to see the Grand Country Fun Park and Grand Country Buffet buildings located side by side. I headed into the Fun Park first and was able to jump into a game right away.

The best thing about this place was they had recently upgraded to Helios 2, which I really enjoy playing. It’s otherwise a fairly basic two-level CW arena. The aesthetic is  a familiar one, so not much to add about that, but the game was a good time.

The staff member who joined me for this 1v1 had apparently not played very much before, so it was nice to see her grow in confidence over the course of the game. It always amazes me when people who work at a site (ie, have it accessible to them all the time) don’t utilize it more during their off time, but I think this woman became a fan of it all by the end of our game.

After the game was done I ventured over to the Grand Country Buffet to continue my journey into southern food sampling with some fried catfish and okra among other things they had to offer. I haven’t been to a buffet in a long time and I am glad to see they are still a thing in the wake of the pandemic. So, a little tag and a lot of fried food options made this a “grand country” way to get a bit closer to my goal.

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