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Podcasters Play Portland

On the last leg of my tag travels I was delighted to be joined for a game of Laserforce by a fellow laser tag podcaster,  Than from The Resupply. I have previously appeared on their podcast and you can expect to see them make a future appearance on mine, so it was great to meet up for some tag at Wunderland in Beaverton, just outside of Portland, Oregon.

Let me address my attire right off the bat. I wore my airport travel clothes to tag because getting over to Oregon was a last minute decision made when one flight option didn’t work out and I found better flexibility in rerouting onto a red-eye out of Portland. So I rented a car and, after completing my side trip to Idaho, I made the drive with barely enough time to spare for some tag before heading directly to the PDX airport. So, I am dressed for travel more than tag, but I still threw on my Photon hat because it goes with me into every arena I play! :)

Since Than is a local he was already familiar with this really attractive, space themed two-level arena.

I was impressed with the theming and the unique buildout of the upper level.

There were plenty of bells and whistles in this living arena. I enjoyed challenging the “arachnobot” hanging in the center with targets on its legs, although the sound file (“not my babies”) did not quite gel with this particular creature.

And this spaceship is ready to attack any player who lands in its path.

I loved exploring the arena, which is what I did for most of the game once I realized an inherent imbalance. Than and I are both level 9 players and we both signed in, so if the system had allowed both of us to play at that level we could have had an interesting 1v1 match-up. However, it was my first time at this arena and the system sent me in as a level one (even with my member log-in it perceived me as a “new player” for the first game), while Than was able to properly sign in as a level nine. So, we didn’t end up with an apples to apples challenge, but we did get to have some fun. I tagged a few things. :)

And I was really excited to be able to check Oregon off my list for the second time. I am currently only four states away from being the first person to laser tag in all 50 states…and then do it again!

My thanks to Than for joining me for a game.

Having now played laser tag at Wunderland locations in both Gresham and now Beaverton, I can tell you they have really impressive arenas and this was absolutely worth crossing the country to experience. I highly recommend!

From here it was time to head to the airport to catch a red-eye and return home after an intense weekend of tagging my way through five states, edging me even closer to completing my goal! I have had lots of great adventures this week to reflect on, but first…sleep!

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