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Scent of a Laser

Ok, I know this barely qualifies as being about laser tag, but I promise to bring it back around to tag by the end.

Yesterday I was walking through ULTA (not the ILTA, but ULTA the cosmetics store) and I saw a display for Ariana Grande’s new perfume called R.E.M. which caught my attention. After all, it had a space princess shooting a laser gun at a crystal...did anyone NOT expect me to buy this?

I work in advertising so I appreciate when I see good creative marketing and this hit the mark with me. There is no question that the only reason I looked twice at this bottle was the eye-catching display with the laser tag connection featuring the space themed, comic-style art designs of Cheyne Gallarde on the packaging and promotional materials. It’s reminiscent of the kind of theming I love to see in an arena! ULTA currently has the exclusive on this product and I’m really glad that those designs on the display drew me in because the fragrance is quite unique and a nice addition to my collection.

Does it smell like laser tag? Absolutely not. What does laser tag smell like? I feel like each laser tag arena evokes a specific kind of scent memory that is usually an undefinable mix of pizza, sweat and electronics. Please don’t take that as a criticism. I say it with true affection because I actually really miss that! However, juxtapose that against this perfume which is a sweetly floral blend of lavender, vanilla and musk and not likely to be mistaken in the other direction. And yet it just may be my new go-to fragrance when I do get to head out to the laser tag arena. It seems fitting, since a space princess shooting a laser at a crystal is actually where it all began for me when I first became familiar with laser tag as a young girl. And if by chance it isn’t already clear why, then please take a moment to check out my other website,

The packaging for the perfume is based on Ariana Grande’s music video for her song Break Free. Even this video looks like it could have been pulled right out of an episode of Photon!

And that brings us circling back to laser tag and what else I can’t currently do here in NY. Right now there are still quite a few states to which I’m still not able to travel without a mandatory two week quarantine upon return, thank you Governor the sarcasm. This includes some of our planned stops for the Photon documentary I am involved with. However, take heart, because Jason is doing the heavy lifting on it right now since he lives in a state that does allow for travel, so he is getting a good deal of filming for the project done anyway. We thank everyone who has supported this project. Check out the latest teaser for the film...

So until I can travel again (I don’t need to go to outer space, a commercial airline would be just fine) I’ll just have to do my part from the sidelines and spritz a little R.E.M. in the meantime.

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