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SM5K…or SM5 Next Gen

The icy snowstorm that hit the Northeast at the start of the weekend prevented me from being able to fly to the midwest as originally planned, so instead of doing 5K in Wyoming I did SM5K in Syracuse. However, I want to shout out my Tag 4 A Cause supporters from Gillette (Tristin, Zakary and Maddox!) for supporting the cause virtually since I couldn’t be there in person.

I was still ready to laser tag locally, so I headed off to play some SM5 this weekend instead. In the past I have never felt strong enough with this format because my home site didn’t have practice times that were feasible for me. As such, I have never considered myself an SM5 player, which may sound a little unusual considering all the other forms of laser tag that I do play. However, I am optimistic that with a more accommodating practice schedule and a new crop of players learning the game locally, that this could be a fresh start for what I want to call the Syracuse SM5 Next Gen.

For me personally I found this night to be both beneficial and confidence bolstering. It was great to have some experienced SM5 players guiding things and I really appreciate the positive attitudes of everyone involved. It makes a big difference!

Three games in a row the random roll put me into the position of commander. I like this role best because I think the skills that are involved fall right into my wheelhouse. Unfortunately, in the past I have more frequently been placed as resupply, which I am atrocious at playing! So it was nice to play a few rounds where I had results that looked a little bit more like this.

I’m not comparing that with the whole SM5 community, but just saying it’s not too shabby for someone who doesn’t play SM5 on the regular.

My focus stayed on the game right up until the second-to-last round. At the start of that game while I was in the arena I got a text sent to my phone from a photographer I worked with recently letting me know some proofs were available from our last photo session. I was very excited to check these out, so I sat out the final game to peruse some of the images that will soon be part of a total website revamp for Want a sneak peek?

It is a lot easier to look glam in an arena when you are staged for a photo session versus powering through one game after another of SM5, but I have to say that both are a pretty good adrenaline rush! And by the end of the night I was feeling very pleased with the results of both too. :)

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