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Tag 4 A Cause Night at Kynytyx

I want to thank all the laser tag players who made donations to support Special Olympics New York during Tag 4 A Cause night at Kynytyx!

The event included a laser tag challenge for the golden phaser high score trophy, which was won by Edgar Osorio with his high score of 36,004 in Color Conquest.

Owners Nathan and Kim and their staff enthusiastically shared the Tag 4 A Cause challenge as customers arrived.

They handed me a megaphone to announce the special challenge games throughout the event…I want one of these at home!

Color Conquest games were held once an hour so Tag 4 A Cause participants could compete for the top laser tag honors of the event. Even the young players got involved!

It was great to see the support and participation! This event kicked off the quarter with a great start. From now until the end of December laser players can continue to participate and support Special Olympics New York through the online Tag 4 A Cause challenge. I encourage you to donate, pledge to laser tag 5K and earn the Tag 4 A Cause victory

Thanks again to everyone the helped us Tag 4 A Cause!

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