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Talk about Legend…Wait For it…dary Laser Tag!

When the laser tag-loving Barney character on How I Met Your Mother is enthused about something being “legendary” he might just have this in mind! Legendary Laser Tag in Rock Springs, WY lives up to it’s name for a memorable tactical tag experience.

It’s ironic that I had never touched the Battle Rifle Metals (BRM) and yet here I found myself tagging with one for the second day in a row. Actually, the practice served me well because I was much more comfortable working this gear during this visit.

This business has been around for five years, however owners Ian and Jennifer purchased it in 2019 and continue to operate it inside the White Mountain Mall. Ian took me into the arena for an early morning game to start my day.

The arena was built inside a former clothing store and they have incorporated the old dressing rooms into the game space. I’ve seen this done a couple of times before, but this was the most functional incorporation of the rooms that I have ever experienced.

The black lights and Doom soundtrack helped to create an atmosphere and the game itself was a great time.

We intended to only play a ten minute game, but it actually lasted a little longer. I would have loved to play even longer if I didn’t have a full day of driving ahead of me. Ian gave me some great competition!

I played the full space, reloading as necessary and returning to the respawn station when needed. What’s that hanging from the ceiling?

That’s the same decor that I incorporated into the music video I produced a few years back for Loretta Heywood, aka the original Tivia. This seems like a good time to revisit that video for her new version of Winter In July.

I really like this as a tactical arena. Many times I feel that tactical arenas are just too dark, but this one had plenty of pops of color incorporated throughout.

It’s not often I play a tactical 1v1, so my name was all over the scoreboard this time.

However, this was a great experience and I really would have loved to play longer. If I ever pass through this corner of Wyoming again I will definitely pay another visit to Legendary Laser Tag!

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