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The Real Lazer Legacy

I found my visit to Lazer Legacy in Yucaipa, CA to be a real delight on a lot of levels. This was a good reminder of how laser tag can transcend differences and challenges and bring people together in the sheer enjoyment of the game.

When I arrived I purchased a game with a small group. I was placed on a team with two young boys, one of whom was non-verbal, perhaps autistic, but who did not need words to express how excited he was about getting to play the game. We were joined by the other team made up of a dad and a really tiny young boy who told us they were first timers.

The staff member was really on top of things. He gave a very thorough an proper walkthrough to show the new players what they needed to know about playing Delta Strike.

I was impressed by the arena, a nicely done (albeit overly familiar) CW design with two very useful raises platform areas, so basically a one and a half level field.

The younger of the two boys on my team immediately and very confidently took the lead, which was really kind of charming. His brother followed him out and I walked in right behind them watching to see how things would play out.

Occasionally laser tag can be an intense experience for some players because of the lights and overstimulating effects, but that was not the case here. Both boys were having a blast and the one who could not speak was definitely still able to express how much fun he was having. It was great to see!

Then the father and son were having more of a bonding experience. The dad was acting like a paratrooper and the son was following his lead, but in a way that was appropriate to the light competition at hand. I only tagged the dad and as soon as I did would turn my back to slowly walk away so the son could “defend” his dad and tag me out. It was sweet to see how that little boy reacted to those moments of success.

All in all, everyone came out of the game smiling and clearly we all had a great time. This was a game that really showed how much fun laser tag can be for everyone regardless of age, experience or other challenges and you don’t have to take it super seriously to still have a blast, and that right there is the real Lazer Legacy.

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