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What I Came Here To Do

When I committed to tagging my way through all 50 states a second time, my goal was to play at different arenas than I had the first time around, specifically to show support for the laser tag arenas that had either survived through or opened for business after the pandemic. It’s a different laser tag landscape now than it was a few years ago. So, the time frame of this latest goal began when travel started to bounce back. I was happy that, since my last time in Anchorage, Shockwave Trampoline Park was now offering laser tag and they were my primary destination when I planned my trip to Alaska.

I had spoken to manager Lexi ahead of my visit and she let Edna know to expect me. She set me up to play a game of Zone Helios CE against Joyce and Donovan, a game experience that made me incredibly happy!

We circled around the single-level CW arena. I love this game…and THIS is what I came here to do.

Anytime I am able to play with this style phaser it feels like coming home…

…even when I find myself in very different environments.

Then again, when I’m in the “Zone” and tagging a base it all seems right and familiar. :)

Now here’s the most notable things about the arena.

There’s an enormous painting of a volcano against one side wall. This really resonated with me because (as you may recall from a previous post) if all had gone according to plan I would have been heading for Hawaii after Alaska. However, the terrible, destructive wildfires on Maui prevented that from being possible. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Hawaii. However, the irony was not lost on me that here I was in Alaska, laser tagging next to a volcano.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time tagging at Shockwave!

And I am delighted to know there is one more great place to play laser tag…in case I ever make a third journey to tag in Alaska! :)

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